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Home Clothes Steamers Reviewed

With so many garment steamers on the market how do you choose which one is the best? Luckily, I'm here to help. I'll give you the choice of the best clothes steamers on the market today so you can purchase a garment steamer with confidence.

best handheld steamer

Best Handheld Steamers Reviewed

A handheld steamer is a great accessory to pack in your suitcase for a weekend away.  No more searching for irons, or wearing crushed, wrinkled clothing, a portable handheld garment steamer will have you looking your best in no time at all.

commercial clothes steamer

Industrial Clothes Steamers Reviewed

What is the best professional clothes steamer? Do clothes steamers really work? Read my expert reviews on garment steamers and make an informed decision when buying a professional clothes steamer.

Benefits of Buying a Clothes Steamer

  • More Efficient than Ironing
  • Safer on Delicate Clothing than an Iron
  • Easier than Ironing
  • Easily Portable for Quick Refreshing
  • Multipurpose - Use on soft furnishings, curtains and bedding
  • Chemical Free
  • Can be used on Dry-Clean only Fabrics

Do Clothes Steamers Work?

Clothes steamers work by relaxing the fibers in your clothing which in turn, removes the wrinkles. 

Clothing steamers have become increasingly popular due to the efficient, chemical free process of removing wrinkles from clothing. With most garment steamers having multiple steam settings, a suitable choice can be made for steaming any item – from delicate silks and lace, to denim and linen. 

As technology improves clothes steamers aren’t just for clothes… with most steamers being able to be used in a horizontal position as well as vertically. This makes a garment steamer a great choice, as you can steam your duvet cover whilst it’s still on your bed, refresh your soft furnishings such as cushions, padded chairs and lounges, or steam your curtains and drapes.

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How to Kill Bed Bugs Using Your Garment Steamer

If you’re having a problem with bed bugs, you may be looking for a natural, cost effective way to kill them. Steam will kill bed bugs on contact, providing the steam is 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit.

commercial clothes steamer

How Do You Use a Clothing Steamer?

It is far easier to steam your clothing whilst it is hanging on a clothes hanger. Most full size upright steamers have a hook to hang a coat hanger off, or a clothes hanger attachment including clips for pants, trousers or jeans.

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Steamer Vs Iron - Which One is the Best?

If you’re considering buying a clothing steamer, you might be wondering if it is possible to give up ironing all together. There are pros and cons to both steamers and irons. Read this article before you buy a new iron!

clothes steamer reviews

Hi, I’m Lauren. Passionate organizer, t-shirt folder and owner of both a commercial steamer and a home steamer. I’ll discuss all things steaming, so if you’re thinking of purchasing a garment steamer or steam iron, I’m hoping I can help you determine the best one for your needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! Happy Steaming!