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Handheld Steamers – 2020 Update

A handheld steamer is a great accessory to pack in your suitcase for a weekend away. No more searching for irons, or wearing crushed, wrinkled clothing, a portable handheld garment steamer will have you looking your best in no time at all.

Need a quick touch up to your clothing before work? Don’t drag out the ironing board and wait for the iron to heat up just for one item! Quickly refresh your clothing with a portable clothes steamer that you can efficiently set up and pack away right there in your bedroom.

Read our reviews on the best handheld or travel steamers to buy, so you can get the most out of your clothes steamer and get on with enjoying your day!

Conair Turbo Extreme Steam – Most Powerful Handheld Steamer

conair steamer reviews

Conair is a trusted brand in garment steamers and small appliances, and the Conair Turbo Extreme Steam handheld steamer doesn’t disappoint.

In 2019, I wrote about the MUGU handheld steamer and how it was rare to see a handheld steamer with multiple heat settings. At the time, the mugu steamer had 3 settings.

Fast forward to 2020 and the Conair Turbo Extreme Steam has 5 steam settings and a whopping 1875 watts of power!

This is more power than we see in some full size garment steamers, all packed together neatly into a handheld steamer.

conair turbo extreme steam
conair turbo extreme steam

The Conair handheld steamer also has a built in crease tool, which is useful for creating pleats and creases in sleeves, trousers and flattening cuffs.

The Conair steamer heats up in 40 seconds for fast steaming.

The multiple steam settings are a bonus, as you can change the steam output for different types of fabrics.

The only thing that lets the Conair handheld steamer down a little is it has a small water chamber, holding just over six and a half fluid ounces of water. As a handheld steamer however, this is a fairly common water chamber size. We’re willing to overlook this for the massive 1875 watts of steaming power in this handheld steamer!

Conair have a range of handheld steamers, which you can read in our round up review post of all the Conair steamers.

PurSteam Handheld Steamer – Best Handheld Steamer Under $30

puresteam portable fabric steamer

PurSteam make very reliable full size garment steamers, so we were pleased to see when they came out with a handheld steamer.

The PurSteam handheld steamer is compact and lightweight, making it a good choice as a handheld steamer for travel. We like the flat base design, making it easy to sit the handheld steamer down on the counter whilst adjusting clothing or switching pieces.

The PurSteam handheld steamer isn’t as fancy as the Conair steamer above, it doesn’t have multiple steam settings, but it is backed by 1400 watts of power, which is impressive for a handheld steamer.

The only thing that would let this steamer down is the smaller water chamber. Holding 4 fluid ounces of water, it could benefit from being a little larger.

Backed by a trusted brand and 2 year warranty, the PurSteam portable fabric steamer is a good choice for an inexpensive handheld steamer under $30.

Bizond Steamer – Best Handheld Steamer for Travel

bizond steamer

This is a super cute looking handheld steamer that we originally planned to add to our list of best clothes steamers for college.

The Bizond steamer will still make that list, but the more we learnt about this new release handheld steamer, the more we needed to add it to our top picks for 2020!

First of all, lets talk about the nano filter. As someone who is very passionate about only ever using distilled water in my garment steamers, companies such as Bizond are realizing that not everyone follows this rule.

For instance, if you’re in college and need to quickly steam your shirt before class, are you going to go searching for the distilled water for a quick fix up? Probably not.

travel fabric steamer

Or if you are traveling, what is the likeliness of being able to get distilled water in a small quantity just for your handheld steamer? Unless you are super organized and pre-packed your own distilled water of course.

I could go on for some time about the damage that tap water does to the heating element in your handheld steamer over time.

Even though the Bizond steamer has a nano filter, Bizond themselves still recommend using distilled water. At the end of the day I say use common sense. A nano filter is better than no filter. If you can use distilled water do so, if tap water is the only water available, the Bizond steamer will still handle this ok.

The Bizond steamer also heats up in just 25 seconds. The completely sealed water unit also makes this handheld steamer able to be used in any angle you like, even upside down.

If you haven’t used the Bizond steamer for 5 minutes it will automatically shut off. Bizond also back this handheld steamer with a 3 year warranty.

The power behind the steamer is 900 watts, which, for a small travel steamer, is quite okay.

Aicok Steamer – Best Handheld Steamer and Iron Combo

aicok steamer

If you’re hesitant to give up your iron completely, but also like the idea of using a handheld steamer, the Aicok steamer could be the choice for you.

It has a sole plate that is shaped like an iron head – which I like, to get in between buttons and under collars. You can also use the steamer head as an iron for collars, cuffs or pleats.

With 1200 watts of power, the Aicok steamer pushes out plenty of steam. The heat up time is a tiny 15 seconds, although Aicok do recommend heating the steamer twice to avoid any condensation that may have built up whilst the steamer was preheating.

The Aicok steamer comes equipped with auto shut off if the steamer over heats or the water gets too low. The running time of the Aicok steamer is up to 14 minutes. This will depend on the steam setting you choose – the higher steam setting will have a shorter running time.

Like the other handheld steamers we’ve featured on our list, the Aicok steamer can be used at a 360 degree angle, great for both horizontal and vertical steaming.

Backed by a 2 year warranty, the Aicok steamer ticks all our boxes for the best handheld steamer and iron combo.

Clothes Steamer Reviews, Ratings & Advice

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