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Jiffy J-4000 Garment Steamer

A heavy duty garment steamer suitable for everyday commercial use, the Jiffy J-4000 features a five and a half foot hose and large one gallon water tank. This commercial garment steamer powers steam out at 1500 watts, and will keep going for around 2 hours of continuous steaming.

Used by clothing industry professionals, the Jiffy J-4000 is available with either a plastic steam head, or metal steam head with a wooden handle. Whilst the metal steam head is best for durability and adding creases into pants or sleeves, users have reported the plastic head is far more lightweight and easier on your arms.

Jiffy J-4000 Commercial Garment Steamer Metal Head
Jiffy J-4000 Metal Head with Wooden Handle

Jiffy boast a 3 year warranty, which for a machine that has die cast aluminum housing, you would think a better warranty would be offered. This might be something Jiffy wants to consider, particularly when there are clothing steamers like the PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer with a 5 year warranty.

Jiffy J-4000 Commercial Garment Steamer baby pink
Jiffy J-4000 Commercial Garment Steamer in Baby Pink

The big bonus with the Jiffy J-4000 is that it’s made in the USA. These machines are built to last, with reports older models have lasted decades before needing replacement. It’s also available in the sweetest baby pink color, although aesthetically, it’s still a pretty simple looking machine. Sometimes, simple is often the best.