Rowenta Master Valet Standing Steamer Review

One of the biggest difficulties I find with using a clothing steamer is having to hold your clothing straight with one hand and steam with the other. To get that pressed look on certain items you really need some kind of backing to support your clothes.

That’s where the Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet comes in. The Rowenta IS6300 has a pull down fabric screen to support your garments whilst steaming. This makes the steaming process quick and easy, particularly on heavier items such as denim.

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Rowenta IS6300 Overview

Power1550 watts
Steam Output30g per minute
Steam HeadPlastic
Heat Up TimeUp to 60 seconds
Multiple Steam SettingsNo
Water Tank Capacity81 ounces (water tank is removable)
Running Time60-80 minutes
AccessoriesFabric Brush, Lint Pad, Steam Bonnet
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Rowenta Steamer Benefits

Rowenta is a well known and trusted brand. The pull down fabric backing screen, better known by Rowenta as the “roll and press” system is definitely a plus.

Too many times have I pulled shirts and dresses off hangers as I tried to steam them, as I was holding the fabric out straight. The roll and press system acts like a mini ironing board, but in vertical form and is a huge help when steaming.

A heat up time of 60 seconds or less is fantastic, especially for a full size garment steamer. Also the large water tank and running time of around 60 minutes is useful if you like to steam all your garments in one go.

I also liked that the water tank is transparent, so you can see if you are running low on water and top up if necessary. The Rowenta Master Valet system will automatically shut off if it runs out of water.

Rowenta also offer a 10 year repairable warranty on the IS6300 clothing steamer.

Although the Rowenta IS6300 is a full size steamer, the vertical screen can be pulled up when not in use and the telescopic pole slides down on itself, making the unit reasonably compact for storage.

You turn the master valet on and off with a foot pedal.

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What Water Do You Use in a Rowenta Steamer?

Rowenta also advise you can use tap water in the IS6300 Master Valet steamer. This is not something I would recommend, and you can read my blog post on why you should never use tap water in your garment steamer here.

On further review of the Rowenta operating instructions, if you do use tap water in the IS6300, you will need to decalcify the steamer after every 50 hours of use. Rowenta recommends using 50% distilled water and 50% tap water in hard water areas.

How Do You Decalcify Rowenta Steamer?

To descale your Rowenta Steamer, follow these steps (provided by Rowenta):

  1. Ensure your Rowenta Steamer has cooled down completely (leave for a minimum of 2 hours post steaming to cool).
  2. Fill the water tank with fresh water and place it on the main unit, allowing the water to fill the boiler.
  3. Remove the water tank from the base of your Rowenta Steamer and empty out the water. This removes limescale and other residues.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 several times until the scale has been removed.

Please note: I have never had to decalcify my garment steamers, as I never use tap water in them. Whilst it is personal choice, my recommendation is to only use distilled water in your garment steamer.

Are There any Con’s of the Rowenta Master Valet Standing Steamer?

The Rowenta IS6300 comes with 3 accessories – a fabric brush, a steam bonnet and a lint pad, but there is nowhere to store these items on the steamer when not in use. I would also like to see Rowenta include a steaming glove with the master valet system.

Although it is not necessary to use a steaming glove, steam burns are painful and I always recommend protecting your hands whilst steaming. Conair make a great steaming mit under $10. MyLifeUnit is also a good choice.

No adjustable steam settings. I must admit, I generally use the highest steam setting anyway, but sometimes it is nice to be able to adjust the steam when you are steaming a lightweight delicate item. The Rowenta IS6300 has only one steam setting.

I’m not a huge fan of the bar that holds the clips for skirts and pants. The clips are not removable, and they get in the way when you are trying to steam the top section of your dress shirts. This is where using a steamer mit such as the Conair or MyLifeUnit above will come in handy.

Rowenta IS6300 Video Overview

Where do I Buy the Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Steamer?

The Rowenta IS6300 is available on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I may receive a small commission if you decide the purchase the Rowenta IS6300 via this link. This in no way affects your purchase price of the garment steamer. I appreciate your support of best garment steamers!

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